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From the MN Dept. of Pipeline Safety: White Marking is Required by Law

Now that warmer weather has arrived, the 2020 excavation season is well underway. With that comes a rising increase in Gopher State One-Call locate requests. While excavators rely on the timely response and accurate locates by the utility operators, it’s just as important for excavators to do their part in order to perform their work safely.

The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) reminds all excavators that white-marking their proposed excavations is not only a best practice, it is also required by law. The requirement for white-marking proposed excavations can be found under Minnesota state statute 216D.05 (2). The requirement reads as follows: “An excavator shall use white markings for proposed excavations except where it can be shown that it is not practical.”

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Memorial Day closure - Monday May, 25th

GSOC MemorialDay 2020

We will be taking calls for emergency locates only on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day, but remember, you can file a ticket online 24/7. NOTE: Monday will not count towards your standard 48 hour notice when filing a locate, so please plan accordingly.

What You Need to Know About ITICnxt

On May 19, Gopher State One Call officially transitioned to our new ticket processing tool, ITICnxt. We took the technical innovations of our former ITIC platform and rebuilt it with the user in-mind, but ITICnxt is still free and it still allows excavators to create, manage and track their dig requests entirely online.

While the overall tool design remains the same, we made significant improvements to ITICnxt’s user experience interface. These modifications include easier-to-read fonts for quicker navigation, better contrasting color schemes to enhance legibility and modern icons to better guide the user through the ticket submission process.

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Damage Prevention Case Studies - Mark Entire Lot and White Markings

By Gopher State One Call

The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety invites you to view a virtual damage prevention presentation with a case study for excavators and other interested stakeholders.

This case study talks about refraining from using 'Mark Entire Lot' on tickets and discusses the importance of white markings for proposed excavations.

Follow this link to download and view the damage prevention PowerPoint presentation.

Damage Prevention Meeting Recap

Because our Damage Prevention meetings have been canceled for the remainder of the season, please read the following recap to stay up-to-date on industry matters.

Underground Safety: A Shared Responsibility
Focus on collaborations between one-call centers, excavators and locators before digging has taken place, instead of procedures that follow after damage was done. By communication effectively now can save time and costs later.

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ITIC'S New Interface Webinar

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