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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s damage prevention meetings will be held virtually.

Gopher State One Call’s meetings are typically held all across the state in March and April. This year, you have the choice to join in on a virtual discussion (available on multiple dates) or to sign up and view the content on your own time. All excavators, contractors, administrative personnel, engineers, surveyors, and locators are encouraged to join in.

How to Register

When you click on the links below, you’ll arrive at the Minnesota Common Ground Alliance website for more information; the links on the MNCGA site will then take you to registration links.

There are two ways to participate in the 2021 Damage Prevention meetings:

  1. Virtual Discussions
    Click here to be taken to the MNCGA Events page, where you can see virtual discussion dates and get signup details. (Some sessions are offered through Coursettra, while some are offered through other online platforms.) These discussions are scheduled online sessions where someone will guide you through the materials and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what is going on in the field. Anyone is invited to join in on these discussions. First come, first serve on virtual spots.
  2. Independent Study
    Click here and select “Independent Study” if you prefer to view the content on your own time. You will be taken to Coursettra, the online learning platform that will be used for this year’s meeting content. Note that you will be required to create a free Coursettra account and activate it before registering. Once you are signed into Coursettra and have registered for this option, you may access and begin viewing the meeting modules at any time.

Need Help?

Detailed Coursettra registration instructions are available here. If you have consulted the instructions and still need assistance registering or navigating the Coursettra platform, contact Jeff Law (jlaw@4iqsolutions.com) or Olivia Jensen (olivia.jensen@gopherstateonecall.org).

TIP: You may want to download or view the 2021 GSOC handbook in advance so you can refer to it during your virtual meeting or independent study. We also have created a damage prevention training guide that you can refer to during the meetings, or use to take notes.

The Minnesota Common Ground Alliance invites all who share the goal of preventing damages and increasing awareness for the use of best practices to review our 2021 DP meeting information.

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